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  • Blue Metal – 20mm

    A blue metal colour but will vary a bit

    Used for drainage behind retaining walls and also used for lots of other applications around the home.

  • Blue Metal – 40mm

    40mm Metal can be used for french drains or wet areas where mud is common.

  • Blue Metal – 7mm

    Drainage metal.

    Commonly used for plumbing, and can also be used for driveways or paths.

  • Concrete Mix

    Con Mix is a common product used for slabs, and post holes.

    Con Mix consists of 20mm metal down to fines mixed with sand.

  • Corefill Mix

    Corefill mix is used for filling retaining walls or cinder block walls for buildings.

  • Metal Dust

    A crushed blue metal which is 5mm down to minus.

    Bedding dust is used for paving, plumbing, and finishing where a finer compound is required.